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Faculty Members

Prof. Pawan Sudhir

M.F.A., M.Ed., PhD
Professor and Head
Specialisation : Arts & Visual Thinking , Arts Practicals, Painting, clay modeling, Teacher Education, Life- skills Education
Phone/EPABX No : 26511538/311
E-Mail Id : pawan.sudhir@gmail
Academic and Professional Qualifications:
  • Master of Fine Arts, Punjab University, Chandigarh. (University Medal for standing First in the University).
  • B. Ed from M D University, Rohtak, Haryana
  • Master in Education from Jamia Milia Islamia, University, Delhi
  • Ph D in Education, CIE, Delhi University, Delhi.
Title of Ph.D. Thesis:

'Creativity in Visual Arts in Relation to Selected Non Cognitive Variables among Pupil Teachers'

Area of Specialization:
  • Arts Education and Creative & Visual Thinking.
  • Arts Education in Schools and in Teacher education.
  • Art Practicals; Painting, clay modeling, Stage Art, puppet making, Theater in Education.
  • Life-skills Education – Material development and Trainings at different levels of education.
Work Experience:

Joined NCERT, as Professor, Arts and Aesthetics, in the department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics, in November 2009. Before joining NCERT, Dr Pawan Sudhir has 20 years of experience with SCERT Delhi in different capacities as Teacher Educator (Lecturer Arts Education /Senior Lecturer, Work Experience / Reader Curriculum and Material Development), In-charge B Ed Programme of SCERT Delhi, Controller Examinations, SCERT and Secretary, SCERT, Delhi.

Spearheaded National and State level projects such as;
  • Project Coordinator, Art Integrated Learning programme of DEAA, NCERT at Primary Level of School Education.
  • Nation Consultant, UNICEF on, 'Situation Analysis of the Education Sector response to HIV&AIDS in India’,, study was funded by the World Bank. 2008
  • Project Director, YUVA School Life-skills Education Programme, Deptt. Of Education, Delhi.
  • State Nodal Officer, ‘Teacher Development Programme for teachers, teaching English to classes VI to XII’, of Govt. Schools of Delhi.
  • In Charge In-service B Ed Programme of SCERT Delhi, affiliated to GGSIP Univ. from 2003 to 06.
As Author:
  • 'In-Service Package on Value Inculcation through Arts' for Teacher- Educators, SCERT
  • UNESCO/InSEA WEB-Project: International survey on Quality Practices in Art Education: Formal and Informal Education conducted by InSEA/UNESCO. National Editor for 'Status of Arts in India',
As one of the Authors, in the development of;
  • As one of the Authors, in the development of;
  • 'Teachers Resource Book on Work Experience' for Elementary Teachers,
  • 'Teachers Hand Book on Low Cost & No Cost Activities in Art
  • Process Document 'YUVA Safar, the Journey So Far' Documentation of the process of YUVA SLP a flagship programm of Department of Education, Delhi.
  • YUVA-SLP, Teachers’ Handbooks, Vol. I, II, III, IV and V. A material on Joyful, Meaningful and Interesting Learning in Schools of Delhi.
  • Illustration review of Class I Hindi Textbook, 'Udaan' of SCERT
  • 16 Hour Package on Yuva-School Adolescence Education Programme, for nodal teachers of Delhi, under AEP, MHRD and NACO
  • Question Bank in Engineering Drawing for Classes XI and XII based on CBSE, SCERT
  • Compendiums (I and II.) on Gender-Sensitization, SCERT
  • ‘Norms and Standards for the recognition of Teacher Education Programs in Visual and Performing Arts’, by NCTE, India.
  • Participation in the development of Syllabus in Art Education, 6th to 12th standard, based on National Curriculum Framework 2005, by NCERT.
  • ‘Handbook for the development of Arts and Crafts Resource Center’ as compulsory component in Teacher Education colleges, by NCTE, India.
  • Curriculum for ‘Diploma in Teacher Education (D.Ed) -Visual Arts’ NCTE, 2010
Research and Innovative Activities:
  • Impact Study of Art Integrated Learning Programme in MC Primary Schools of Delhi (2012), in team with DIET, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi
  • Country Report on Art Education in India, 2010, NCERT
  • National Consultant UNICEF, in Nation wide research study of Adolescence Education Programme, in Formal and Non Formal Sector of Education in India. A World Bank and UNICEF Project.
  • Presented Research paper on 'Arts & values' at InSEA World Congress, organized by InSEA/UNESCO, in New York, August 2002.
  • Presented Research paper on 'Education Through Arts' an International Conference, by UNESCO and India International Center, Delhi, 2005.
  • Presented Research paper on 'Value Inculcation through Arts' in National Consultation on Values in Education, by RIE, Ajmer & NCERT, at Ajmer.
  • Status of Gender sensitivity of Teachers of Govt. schools of Delhi.
  • Study of Training Effectiveness of Yuva SLP Trainings under SSA. Analysis of the pre and post tests data have shown a remarkable improvement in the knowledge, attitude, and life skills enhancement in learners, as an outcome of the program. The analyses and findings are published in the process document, 'Yuva – The Journey So Far.'
  • Presented paper on ‘Arts and Learning in Education –Conceptual and Creativity’ in International conference on Art Education and Development by IFA and the Goethe Institute, Max Muller Bhavan, Banglore Dec.2010

Apart from her 20 years experience of In-service Training to teachers/resource persons/ key resource persons, advocacy workshops for different stakeholders in DIET/SCERT, Delhi, she has also organized Mega Events of Book launch/release /Award functions and mass orientations in the department of Education, Delhi. Developed resource pool of 600 plus Master Trainers of YUVA Life-Skills Education Programme and 400 plus in Teaching of English for Cascade Model of Training in collaboration with British Council of India.

  • National Seminar on Art Integrated Learning at Primary Level, at NCERT, 2012.
  • National Conference on Arts Education in partnership with British Council of India, 2013
  • Inter Ministerial Meeting on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resource Development to discuss the follow-up activities undertaken after the 1st World Conference on Arts Education held at Lisbon in March 2006.
  • Participation in 2nd UNESCO World Conference of Arts Education in Seoul, South Korea, May 2010
  • Coordinator, SERVE Model, an experimental project on Multi Grade, Collaborative learning at upper primary level of education. This method was experimented for bridge course, from class V to class VI in number of Govt. schools of Delhi to bridge the gaps between V and VI classes.
  • Coordinator National Meet on Value education. Teams of 24 National level Institutions participated in this programme of SCERT, year 2003.
  • Coordinator State Level Educational Toy Competition of Delhi Teachers teaching Primary and Nursery Classes, by NCERT, 1993-94.
  • International Society for Education Through Arts (InSEA) UNESCO.
  • World Without War for Peace and Non-violence.
  • All India Teacher Educators Association, India.
  • Core Committee, Adolescent Education Program, MHRD and NACO.
  • Technical Support Group of YUVA SLP, Department of Education, GNCT of Delhi.
  • Core Team of Coordinators, 'NAVCHETNA', an initiative of Delhi Police for Adolescents of Delhi.
Future Plan

To achieve ‘Goals’ of DEAA and NCERT of effective implementation of Arts Education as curricular area in school education all over India to provide quality education to every child through(i) capacity building of teachers and teacher educators through trainings (ii) development of need based materials for teacher educators, teachers and students, (iii) research to study the impact of arts in the holistic development of the learner and to find out the training needs/ material needs/ infrastructural needs of teacher and taught (iv) sensitization of different stakeholders through orientation and extension programmes. (v)Establishment of Art and Craft Resource Centre for hands on experiences in different art forms, providing platform to artists, artisan and, community for preserving and conserving our cultural heritage and celebration & appreciation of arts.

  • Prof. Pawan Sudhir, Deptt. Of Education in Arts and Aesthetics, NCERT, Delhi.
  • E-mail: pawan.sudhir@gmail.com, pawansudhir.ncert@nic.in

Prof. Jyotsna Tiwari

M.A.(Fine), Ph.D.
Specialisation : Art History and Aesthetics
Phone/EPABX No : 26511538/312
E-Mail Id : deaa.ncert@nic.in

Joined the NCERT in 2001 as Lecturer, Art Education in the DESSH and been working in the Department of Education in Arts & Aesthetics which had been formed in 2005. As a faculty member in NCERT, had been involved in the major activities of research, development, training and extension for better implementation of arts education in schools.

  • Research on assessment in Arts Education for the Source Book of Learning Assessment at the Primary Level, 2007-09, NCERT, Published 2008.
  • Research on “Integration of Arts Education in NCERT Textbooks of Elementary Level Prepared after the NCF-2005: An analysis”,
  • “An In-depth Study of Teaching-Learning Practices and Evaluation Procedures in arts education at Upper Primary and Secondary Stages across the states”, 2004-2006.

Co-ordinated to develop the following materials:

Curriculum and Syllabus
  • Review of the National Curriculum Framework – 2005 and development of National Focus Group Paper on Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre.
  • Arts Education syllabus review and development based on the NCF- 2005 for all the stages of school education (primary to secondary).
  • Development of the syllabus for senior secondary in the areas of Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance and Heritage Crafts.
Teachers’ and other materials
  • Developed the teachers’ training module on Arts Education for teachers of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, a scheme of MHRD.
  • Brought innovations in approach of development of Teachers’ Handbooks in Arts Education for upper primary and secondary stages.
  • Prepared an action plan on recommendations of the Sub-Committee of CABE on Integration of Culture Education in the School Curriculum for Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.
  • Development of multi-media on Indian arts in collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts.
  • Associated with the social science textbook development process.
  • As member co-ordinator of the textbooks’ development committees for textbooks of Heritage Crafts (3), Graphic Design (1) and Visual Arts (2) for Classes XI and XII.
Training and Extension: As Resource Person
  • Conducted a series of four sensitization programmes of Principals and school administrators/ senior functionaries for the newly introduced courses of Graphic Design and Heritage Crafts at the senior secondary stage in collaboration with CBSE.
  • For different orientation and training workshops for teacher educators, school administrators, key resource persons, teachers and faculty members of NCERT and Regional Institutes of Education, Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, State Councils of Educational Research and Training, District Institutes of Educational Training, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, DAV schools, Tibetan schools etc.
  • Videoconferencing through EDUSAT and CIET addressing issues and concerns of arts education.
  • Orientation of fine arts and music teachers of KVS, NVS and other CBSE schools and interaction on NCF-2005 with Teacher Educators through EDUSAT network videoconferencing connecting different centers all over India.
Participation and presentations in national and international conferences, workshops and seminars:
(a) International workshops, conferences and seminars:
  • Invited to Chair the sessions at International Design Conference ‘Designing for Children’ with focus on ‘play and learn’ and to participate in International Meet on Design, organised by the Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai on February 2-6 2010. The screening of abstracts of the papers to be presented at the international conference had also been done.
  • Participated in the international seminar on ‘School Curriculum: Policies and Practices in South Asian Countries’ and presented paper on Arts Education Curriculum in the organised by the NCERT on August 10-12, 2009.
  • International Workshop on Development of A Source Book on Learning assessment at the Primary Level organised jointly by UNESCO and NCERT. November 28-30, 2006.
  • World Conference on Arts Education organised by UNESCO, Lisbon, Portugal. Participated as a member of the delegation from India. Took active part in discussions and deliberations, March 6-9 2006.
  • International Symposium Learning Through the Arts organised by India International Center Asia Project and UNESCO, New Delhi. Presented a paper, “National Curriculum Framework Review; Perspectives of NCERT on Arts Education”, March 21–24 2005.
  • Participated in Sub-Regional Orientation Workshop on Management of Curriculum Change, organised by UNESCO-NCERT-IBE, at NCERT, Feb.11-23, 2002.
  • Presented a paper on ‘Role of Eco-museums in Promoting Nature Based Tourism in Biodiversity and Local Culture Rich Areas of Madhya Pradesh’, South Asia seminar on Museums, Culture and Development organised by ASPAC and Indira Gandhi National Museum of Mankind, Bhopal and Regional Museum of Natural History, Bhopal, 18-22 January, 2000.
  • Associated in organizing an International Workshop on Conflict Resolution and Natural Resources Management, organised by IIFM, Bhopal in collaboration of the World Bank Institute, Washington DC, April 2-6, 2001.
  • International Conference on Indigenous Indic Traditions in Forestry: Lessons for Contemporary Sustainable Forest Management held at IIFM, Bhopal in collaboration with International Network on Ethnoforestry and sponsored by The Infinity Foundation, USA, February 8-10, 2001.
  • Visited Ohio State in USA for 4 weeks to visit different universities and fine arts colleges to interact with their faculty and exchange views on curriculum in India and institutions in Ohio. This tour was under the Group Study Exchange programme of Rotary International, April-May, 1999.
(b) National workshops, conferences and seminars:
  • Coordinator National Meet on Value education. Teams of 24 National level Institutions participated in this programme of SCERT, year 2003.
  • Presented a paper; ‘Arts Education in School Curriculum: Past, Present and Future’ at the Arts Education Conference: Contexts, Concepts and Practices in Schools, organized by Goethe Institute, Max Muller Bhawan, and India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore, December 9-11, 2009.
  • Made presentation on ‘National Curriculum Framework and Design’ National meet on introducing ‘Design and Innovation’ in school curriculum, under the programme of Designing for Children, Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, February 6-7, 2009.
  • Presented a paper at the National seminar on Theatre in Education- Possibilities, Potential and Challenges. Presented a paper ‘Theater in School Education: Some Challenges of Teaching Learning’, February 2004.
  • Orientation course for NCERT Faculty, June 17, 2002- July 10, 2002.
  • Participated in workshop on Alternatives to Violence, IIFM, January, 14-16, 2001.
  • National Seminar on Biodiversity Conservation & Management with Special Emphasis on Biosphere Reserves, organised EPCO, 24-27 November, 2000.
  • 5th National Children’s Science Congress-97, to judge children’s projects and presentations, organised by NCSTC-Network, DST, GOI at RIE Bhopal, 27-31 December, 1997.
  • Presented paper on ‘Socio-economic Life of Terracotta Potters in Madhya Pradesh’ in annual seminar of Archaeological Society of India,
  • Presented a paper ‘Environmental Conservation of Monuments’ in the seminar organised by EPCO, Madhya Pradesh in Khajuraho, September, 1985.
List of publications
  • “Traditions of Terracotta Art in Madhya Pradesh”, Pratibha Prakashan, Delhi, 1997.
  • Contributed in the Teachers’ Handbook of Art Education for classes VI and VII-VIII, chapters on teaching methodologies and evaluation in arts education.
Research Papers
  • “Arts Education in India after Independence: An Overview of Educational Policies and Curriculum Frameworks” Journal of Indian Education, Vol. XXXIII, No. 3, Nov. 2007 issue.
  • “Theatre in School education: Some Challenges of Teaching-Learning” The Primary Teacher, Vol. XXIX, Nos. 3-4, July and October, 2004.
  • “Art of Healthy and Productive Living; the Concept and the Indian Tradition” The Primary Teacher, Vol. XXVIII, No. 3 July 2003, NCERT.
  • Published more than 100 articles, features and reviews in newspapers, Hindustan Times and M P Chronicle.
  • Wrote articles on environmental issues in Newsletter of IIFM, 1999-2001.
  • “Knowledge of Forestry and Forest Management in the Mauryan Period (4th-3rd Cent. B. C.) and it’s Present Day Relevance”, paper presented at the International Conference on Indigenous Indic Traditions in Forestry: Lessons for Contemporary Sustainable Forest Management, held at IIFM, Bhopal in collaboration with International Network on Ethnoforestry and sponsored by The Infinity Foundation, USA, Feb. 8-10, 2001 and published in the proceedings of the Conference entitled, “Conserving Nature with Communities: Lessons from Real Life Experiences in South Asia, ed. by Ashish Kothari.
  • On Drawings & Paintings of artist Gurucharan Singh in Art Heritage Catalogue for season 1987-88.
  • “Beliefs, traditions, needs…perpetuating the rural art of terracotta”….. India Magazine, Vol. VI, April, 1986.
  • “Environmental Awareness for Conservation of Cultural Heritage”, published for Workshop on Environmental Conservation of Cultural Heritage, organised by EPCO, Bhopal and held at Khajuraho, 28-30 September, 1985.
  • “Role of Ecomuseums in Promoting Nature Based Tourism in Biodiversity and Local Culture Rich Areas of Madhya Pradesh”, paper presented at South Asia seminar Museums, Culture and Development organised by ASPAC and Indira Gandhi National Museum of Mankind, Bhopal and Regional Museum of Natural History, Bhopal, 18-22 January, 2000.

Dr. Sharbari Banerjee

M.A.(Hindustani Classical Music), Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Specialisation : Khyal, Thumri, Dadra, Bhajan, Bengali Songs.
Phone/EPABX No : 26511538/313
E-Mail Id : sharbari2008@gmail@gmail

Dr. Sharbari Banerjee is a Musicologist in the Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics, NCERT. She has experience of training children at different levels of school education in Music for more than two decades. She finds this experience extremely interesting, innovative, challenging and joyful to be able to connect the child to myriad facets of art. As a faculty of DEAA, NCERT this enriching experience with children has translated into working with teachers, teacher educators, preparing material for children and teachers, teacher educators exploring varied aspects in performing arts meant for research, for implementation in school education programmes. This is with the perspective to systematize the teaching, learning , evaluation processes of Arts Education in the formal and informal processes of the education system.

Education in the formal and informal processes of the education system.

Earlier she was a Music teacher in D.P.S., R.K. Puram, one of the best schools in India, for almost fifteen years. She was also deputed to DPS Sharjah for establishing the Department of Music in the year 2000.

She is a Hindustani classical vocalist and a regular artist in Prasar Bharti and has performed Khyal,Thumri,Dadra, Bhajans and also Rabindrasangeet and other Bengali songs nationwide. She considers networking with artists and teachers a very important aspect of all art education programmes.

Indian music is an oral tradition .The traditional lineage of learning from the teacher or guru has been its hallmark which has sustained for generations. Dr.Sharbari Banerjee is a representative of this lineage. She has the honour of being trained by the following gurus

  • Pt. DebuChaudhury- Knowledge of Ragas
  • Smt . Joyashree Banerjee
  • Pt. P. Johri, in khyal
  • Smt. Anita Roy, in khyal
  • Pt. Bholanath Mishra in Thumri, Bhajan
Teacher training –
  • Training of MCD Teachers – 2011 &2012
  • Orientation of teacher educators- NERIE & MYSORE on Art Education- 2011 & 2012 conducted by DEAA, NCERT
  • Orientation of CTS Teachers- 2012
Advisory Member to organisations
  • Honorary Member of NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) –for the ‘Curriculum committee’ and’ Lesson development committee’ in distance education program and has developed material for the textbooks “Sahaj Sangeet Vidya” and “Bharatiya culture and Heritage” for secondary school education.
  • Editor of Course on Arts Education for Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed.) , National Institute of Open Schooling.
  • National Council of Teacher Education- Sharbari was nominated by National Council of Teacher Education as a member of the committee on Norms and standards for Arts and Music. She formulated Norms and Standards for teacher education courses in Performing Arts’ Education for the course D.Ed (Diploma in education) for teachers teaching classes 1-VIII .Later she was also nominated as Member committee- Course outline for Diploma in Teacher Education- Music, Musical Instruments, Dance.
Book chapters
  • Banerjee .S , 2012 , Creativity and Rabindranath Tagore , Lipika Dasgupta, “Discovering Tagore’s Approach To Education Through Music Art And Literature” (96- 99) Varanasi, KalaPrakashan
  • Banerjee .S ,(2012), Influence of Hindustani Classical Music on Rabindra Sangeet ,Neera Chaudhary , Ninad (219 - 224)Muzaffarpur , Abhida Prakashan
  • Artland- while I watched a dance recital
  • Prathmik Shiksha –NCERT Journal
Seminar & Conferences

She has participated in many National and International level conferences.

  • ASSITEJ (International) - India’s First International Conference on 'Theatre for Young Audience: Concept, Need and Possibilities'.The Conference was an initiative of Delhi University and ASSITEJ India and endorsed by UNESCO and others. Sharbari presented a paper on "How effectively children's literature can be used for playwriting in TYA"
  • In the programme ‘Peace across borders – through writings of Tagore and Faiz’ (Celebrating the birth of 150 years of Tagore and 100 years of Faiz) organised by Nivesh and Himalayan Hub for Art, Culture and Heritage (HHACH) in partnership with UNESCO Dr. Sharbari Banerjee led the singing session in ’Discovering the poetry and music of Tagore’’and introduced the music, poetry and the belief of Tagore especially about learning in free nature.
    The telegraph reported her opinion “Rabindrasangeet is different because of its unique composition. A confluence of ragas play an important role in Rabindra sangeet’s uniqueness.”
  • In a seminar organized by Patna University (MagadhMahila College campus) in a three-day-long national workshop sponsored by UGC she spoke on Tagore’s Gitabitan.
  • Presentation of paper on Traditional vs Popular culture for CCSD- Centre for Cultural Studies & Development at India International rural cultural centre.
  • National seminar on Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow :Retrospection, Review, Reconsideration- CCU

Other multifarious activities
  • Talk show on Gyaan Vaani conducted by CIET - The multifarious disciplines of Art Education
  • Expert of Art Education in the Animation Film Workshop for Panasonic Experience Centre, Mumbai on July 30,2011,
  • SAM (a Music organisation based in NCR Delhi ) Paper presentation on varied facets of Tagore’s Creativity -
  • Keynote address and paper presentation in Seminar-Patna university , Influence of classical music in Rabindrasangeet
  • Tripura University - Innovations in Music Education
  • Interviewed artists for Gyaan Vaani CIET (Educational T.V channel )– Pt. Debu Chaudhury, Sonal Mansingh, Anjana Rajan, Bhola Nath Mishra, Sandeep Das etc .
Vocal Performances
  • She is a regular artist of Prasar Bharti (All India radio) and Doordarshan.
  • Sharbari has to her credit some CDs like Raga Parampara , Naam Naa Jaana Paakhi, Sankalan Bhajans.
Some Music concerts;
  • NCERT- Golden Jubilee Celebration ,Sept 2011– Classical Music
  • NCERT & NUEPA -Celebration of150th year of Tagore
  • Patna University – Classical concert (Annual programme)
  • Guru PurnimaUtsav- Eklingji temple - Udaipur
  • Railway locomotive works, Varanasi and “Society For Action Through Music”- Presentation of Indian classical music in Varanasi –
  • UMAK Centre for culture - Celebration of150th year of Tagore
  • SangeetNatak Academy- RabindraPranati – Participation in choir and orchestra ensemble for Tagore’s 150th birthday celebration May8, 2011
  • HCL Music concert series, India Habitat centre Delhi
  • Aurobindo Ashram Classical concert –Delhi,
  • Neemrana Music concert – Neemrana fort Rajasthan
  • Salasar temple Music concert , Churu Rajasthan
  • Classical music concert - Praachinkala Kendra , Chandigarh
  • West Bengal Information and Cultural centre,Govt of W.Bengal, New Delhi – cultural festival
  • Goa Music Festival – Kala Akademi, Mardaul
  • Nikhil Banerjee SangeetSammelan – Lucknow
  • Chinmaya Mission World Cultural Center – Delhi
  • Classical music concert --Indian Association Dubai
Appeared in Indian Television shows (Doordarshan): -

DD Bharati, ‘Careers in Music’ in the program ‘ApniBaat’
DD.Bharati classical concerts
Interviewed by DD-1 in the program ‘SubahSavere’, ‘Kal aaj aur kal’ (a live show on contemporary issues)

Pragya channel in their show ‘Utho jaago’ as a musician.

Knowledge of languages – English , Hindi, Bengali


(O) Department of Education in Arts and Aesthetics (DEAA)
® B1/210, Shantidoot Apartments, 18, Vasundhra Enclave, Delhi - 110096

Email: sharbari2008@gmail.com
Phone no- 9999776268