The Division of Educational Kits

NCERT Educational Kits (Brochure) - Video

Role and Function

Division of Educational Kits(DEK), previously known as NIE-Workshop was conceived in 1964 to provide academic assistance in designing and development of science equipment. The main objectives were outlined as:

  • To study teaching equipment in science.
  • To design, develop, make experimental trials in schools for testing the designs and production.

Since then, it has been one of the important divisions of NIE, NCERT responsible for augmenting improvement in teaching-learning in the field of school education supporting print media through hands-on experience by design, development and prototype production of school equipment in the form of kits. The division also provides hands-on training to students/teachers/teacher educators on the use of various kits produced by it. It also imparts training in plastic processing and various other trades. It conducts various extension activities viz hands-on activities in science and technology for children, participation in annual Jawahar Lal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition for children.


Recognizing that constructive hands-on experience holds the key to understanding and meaningful education, focus of development efforts in DEK would be on those activities that promise to be able to motivate the child to have meaningful educational experience. This would be sought to be achieved by directing its R&D activities that lead to enabling the child to explore the concepts and draw meaningful conclusions through thematic kits. Thus division would be:

  • A model division for Kit development and production center and a path-setter in the shifting paradigm of educational practices.
  • A vital source of educational kits for all levels of school education including vocational and work experience.
  • Capacity builder for SCERTs/DIEts to initiate hands-on activities down to Cluster and Block Resource Centers.