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National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage

                      While this NCF is informed by this collective knowledge and wisdom, the real challenge came
                      when we had to analyse these inputs and develop a cogent, pragmatic, and effective synthesis
                      that will enable changes in practices on the ground. This, in turn, called for the NCF to be present-
                      ed in a language, structure, and with a variety of illustrations, such that practitioners, including
                      most importantly Teachers, should be able to relate it to their current realities. I emphasise this
                      aspect of the work of this Committee, primarily, to highlight the several challenges arising from
                      the needs of developing innovative methods and approaches.

                      This curriculum framework will be an integral part of the of the overall National Curriculum
                      Framework for School Education, which is under development, and will address the remaining
                      three stages of the 5+3+3+4 structure, covering education for children up to the age of 18. So,
                      while this NCF is complete in itself, its connections and implications to the other Stages, will be
                      settled in the overall National Curriculum Framework for School Education. Further, this Foun-
                      dational Stage framework will also guide the preparation of the Teachers for this Stage of educa-

                      We believe that any such framework must be improved with feedback from implementation on
                      the ground, and that we shall do, after a reasonable experience of its implementation.
                      We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Indian education and through that to the

                      K. Kasturirangan
                      National Steering Committee for National Curriculum Frameworks

                      October 20, 2022

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