Page 7 - National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage 2022
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National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage

               1.2 Acronyms

                      Acronym        Full Form
                      BEO            Block Education Officer
                      BITE           Block Institutes of Teachers Education
                      BRC            Block Resource Centres
                      CBSE           Central Board of Secondary Education
                      CG             Curricular Goals
                      CRC            Cluster Resource Centres

                      DEO            District Educational Officer
                      DIET           District Institute for Education and Training
                      DIKSHA         Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing.
                      DISE           District Information System for Education
                      ECCE           Early Childhood Care and Education
                      ECE            Early Childhood Education
                      FLN            Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

                      NCF-FS         National Curricular Framework for the Foundational Stage
                      GDP            Gross Domestic Product
                      GER            Gross Enrolment Ratio
                      GOI            Government of India
                      GRR            Gradual Release of Responsibility
                      ICDS           Integrated Child Development Scheme
                      IECEI          India Early Childhood Education Impact
                      ITEP           Integrated Teacher Education Programme

                      MWCD           Ministry of Women and Child Development
                      NAS            National Achievement Survey
                      NCERT          National Council of Educational Research and Training
                      NCF            National Curriculum Framework
                                     National Curricular and Pedagogical Framework for Early Childhood Care and
                      NCTE           National Council for Teacher Education
                      NDEAR          National Digital Education Architecture
                      NEP            National Education Policy
                      NER            Net Enrolment Ratio
                      NFHS           National Family Health Survey
                      NGO            Non-Governmental Organization
                      NIOS           National Institute of Open Schooling

                      NIPCCD         National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development

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