About Bhasha Sangam

Language is a major instrument in shaping individuals, society, culture, learning and education, thinking and identity of people. Language learning, as we know, is fundamental to all learning and harmonious development of young children into citizens for a country. Learning many languages in school and in society is common in our country and almost all Indians are multilinguals. This multilingual characteristics of the country is reflected in school education as the school curriculum advocates learning of many languages.

Bhasha Sangam is yet another effort in moving towards achieving the goal of education as also the vision of the Indian Constitution. National Education Policy 2020, while deliberating on language education in school underscores the need for recognising and promoting multilingualism as a path to realising the fundamental aims of education and schooling. The effort to enable our learners learn and use 100 sentences in the 22 language will go in a long way in promoting language learning and understanding others through schooling. NCERT sincerely hope that this programme of Bhasha Sangam is taken in all seriousness and implemented in schools to achieve the goals of education.

NCERT wish all learners, teachers and head teachers the best to benefit the maximum from Bhasha Sangam.

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