DAB Members


  • Head, Department of Education in Languages

(B) Senior Faculty from the Department

  • Prof. Saryug Yadav

  • Prof. Chaman Ara Khan

(C)External Members

Prof. Manjula Rana
Dean-School of Arts, Communication and Languages
Department of Hindi, HNB Garhwal University (A Central University) Srinagar Garhwal, Uttarakhand
Prof. L. M. Joshi
Professor and Head, Department of English
Kumaun University, Nainital- 263002, Uttrakhand
Prof. Quazi Obaidur Rehaman Hashmi
Head of Department
Urdu Delhi University, Delhi
Prof. Neera Narang
University of Delhi, Delhi
Prof. Ranjit Behera
Department of Sanskrit
Delhi University, Delhi

(D)Representative from NIE Departments / Divisions / Cells

Head, DEE
Head, DESS
Head, DGS
Head, DTE
Head, DCS&D
Head, PMD / Nominee

(E) List of Faculty Members

  1. Dr. Mohd. Faruq Ansari, Prof. & Head
  2. Dr. Sandhya Singh, Professor of Hindi
  3. Dr. Lalchand Ram, Professor of Hindi
  4. Dr. Saryug Yadav, Professor of English
  5. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Suman, Professor of Hindi
  6. Dr. Diwan Hannan Khan, Professor of Urdu
  7. Dr. Kirti Kapur, Professor of English
  8. Dr. Jatindra Mohan Mishra, Professor of Sanskrit
  9. Dr. R. Meganathan, Professor of English
  10. Dr. Chaman Ara Khan, Professor of Urdu
  11. Dr. Naresh Kohli, Associate Professor of Hindi
  12. Dr. Meenakshi Khar, Associate Professor of English
  13. Dr. Neelkanth Kumar, Assistant Professor of Hindi
  14. Dr. Dewaki Nandan, Assistant Professor, Sanskrit
  15. Dr. Vandana Sharma, Assistant Professor of Hindi
  16. Dr. Wachaspatinath Jha ‘Mani’, Assistant Professor of Sanskrit
  17. Dr. Meenakshi, Assistant, Professor of English
  18. Dr. Ashwini Sandip Patil, Assistant Professor of English
  19. Dr. Girish Kumar Tiwari, Assistant Professor of Hindi