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Basics in Education

Basics in Education: Textbook for B.Ed. Course (2014). New Delhi: NCERT (pp. 269; price: Rs. 210/-; ISBN 978-93-5007-283-7)

The present textbook has been developed as per the curriculum of two year B. Ed. programme introduced by NCERT. Written by scholars in the field of education, it consists of the following 11 chapters: Concept and meaning of education, Goals of education, Processes and modes of education; Knowledge: meaning and facets, Process of knowing, Organisation of knowledge in schools, Teacher autonomy and accountability, Learner autonomy, Values: Concepts and context, Education and values, and Values in the emerging social context. The textbook has been written in a self-instructional format which provides opportunities to the student teachers for engaging in the process of inquiry, critical analysis and intellectual discourse. Additionally, each chapter contains learning checks, activities, review questions, references/ further readings, which enables the student teachers to engage with those concepts. This is an essential reading material for all B.Ed. students in the country.