Alternative Academic Calendar

Alternative Academic Calendar, 2021-22

In this period of Covid-19, which is declared as global pandemic, our teachers, parents and students have to remain at home to prevent its spread in the community. In this situation, it is our responsibility to provide them with multiple alternative ways of learning at home through interesting activities. It is necessary because, in the present environment of stress we not only have to keep our children busy but also maintain continuity of their learning in the new classes. In this context, NCERT had developed an Alternative Academic Calendar for all the stages of school education for the year 2020-21.

This year again, due to the lockdown, schools are closed and students are compelled to continue their studies from home. Therefore, NCERT has revisited its Alternative Academic Calendar inserting activities for those students and parents, who do not have access to any digital device. In case of availability of digital devices with the students, this calendar includes not only generic guidelines and subject-specific activities, but also detailed material on the use of different digital resources. Apart from this, ways of assessment also are integrated with the suggested activities. In this calendar, the themes/topics have been selected from syllabus of the related class and are linked with learning outcomes.