Training & Resource Material on Adolescence Education

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The National Council of Educational Research and Training has updated the training and resource materials under the Adolescence Education Program. We need your inputs to further improve these materials so that they are able to respond to adolescent concerns effectively

Training and Resource Materials under the Adolescence Education Programme

This package contains five sections. Each section deals with a broad thematic area as described below and has been further organized in modules that deal with specific sub-themes.

  •   Section I: Introduction
  •   Section II: Process of Growing Up
  •   Section III: Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  •   Section IV: Prevention of Substance/Drug Abuse
  •   Section V: Connecting the dots to take AEP forward

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We would appreciate your feedback on as many modules as possible. But, we recognize that each of you is extremely busy and may not have the time to provide feedback on all the 17 modules. You can review one module at a time and continue to review more modules as time permits. At the end of each module, a link is provided that will take you to a quick and easy online feedback form that is module-specific and enables you to rank the module/s in terms of 5-6 important parameters.

Please send us your feedback

Please note that every feedback is extremely valuable to us and will be considered at the time of revising the materials. The final version of these training and resource materials will be available in May, 2011.
Thank You.