Sanketik Sampreshan Competition 2021-2022

For children with hearing impairments, the Government will work on standardization of Indian Sign language (ISL) across the country and develop National and State Curriculum materials and digital contents for use by them" (NEP-2020, Chapter-4, point 4.22, page -16) Thoughts, ideas, expressions are more than just the literal meaning of words. Every word you read invokes an idea, a feeling, a memory, or visual imagery. Indian folk arts have a long-standing cutural history of nonverbal communication of deep and complex ideas. These folk arts have given birth to modern day performing arts and fine arts in India. In order to enrich the Indian Sign Language (ISL) Dictionary, and to popularise ISL, NCERT invites imaginative young minds across India to take inspiration from our cultural history and creatively express what words mean to them through gestures, dance forms and symbolic art compositions. The competition is conducted in two parts:

  • Art compositions.
  • Videoclips of performing arts.
Register Online (Date Extended till 28.06.2022)

1. The entries can be submitted via email at (Kindly make sure to attach the filled-out registration form as given in the guidelines)
2. Or you may upload the entries on the following links.